Hard Core

Retail & showroom floors. Classrooms & cafeterias. Bathrooms & common areas. Patios, stairwells and anywhere in back of the house. Virtually every property has an architectural surface that needs a HardCore solution.HardCore is advanced epoxy technology that flows on easily in three simple steps: prime, coat and seal. The result is beautiful, durable, and innovative – with a patent-pending antimicrobial polymer system that leads toward healthier, cleaner environments.

HardCore delivers low cost and high performance:

  • Tenacious adhesion to most surfaces, even damp concrete
  • Ultra resistance to chemicals
  • Solvent-free, no odor, VOC compliant
  • Anti-slip & cushion properties
  • Available with patent-pending antimicrobial polymer system. USDA & CFIA compliant for food industry
  • Design options including base color, flakes, quartz granules,
    and metallic additives
  • Exceptional vibration-absorbing flexibility (18% elongation compared to industry average of 1% to 3%)