Stuart Dean Capabilities Brochure - page 11

Travertine baths. Soaring limestone façades.
Carved marble stairs. Polished granite floors.
Architectural stone inspires, anchors and adorns
environments with its strength, endurance, and
natural textural appeal. But harsh treatment,
weather extremes, inadequate maintenance
and normal wear can undercut its luster…
and its lifetime.
Stuart Dean’s stone technicians are among the
best-trained and equipped in the industry.
We know the impact heavy coatings and waxes
can have. We understand the dullness that comes
from weather or overuse. And our expertise
delivers the kind of protection, care and
restoration that preserves your investment for
generations to come.
Stuart Dean provides:
– the process of protecting and
stabilizing the materials, form and integrity of
a historic place or component.
– the contemporary use of
a historic place or component through repair,
alterations, or additions, while protecting its
– Recover or reveal the original
surface and quality of architectural stone as it
appeared at a particular period in its history.
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