Stuart Dean Capabilities Brochure - page 7

Jet black ebony in the boardroom. English walnut
on the bar. Red oak hardwood detail. Each wood
has its own natural beauty and character.
And each has a history to respect, restore, protect
and maintain.
Stuart Dean’s craftsmen bring a unique
understanding and sensibility to wood care. Our
proprietary methods stand the test of time, and
our innovative research and technologies save
money, avoid replacement and preserve heritage
across generations.
Stuart Dean provides:
– For minor scratches, blemishes
and wear. Scratches are filled with a soft wood
fill, color-blended to match, and a matching
finish is applied over the treated wood surface.
– When original finish is
intact but dirt, wax and contaminants have
accumulated. Surface is deep cleaned before
toning, sanding and proprietary finishing is
– Stripping all surface coatings and
stain. Damaged areas are repaired with epoxy
or soft wood fill, sanded, stained and sealed.
Afterwards, the area is sand-sealed with
fine sandpaper and two coats of protective
top coat.
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