Stuart Dean Capabilities Brochure - page 9

Copper cladded curtain wall at the foyer. Brilliant
mirrored stainless on the columns. Anodized
aluminum, framing glass. From weather barrier
to stylized ornamentation, the dimension,
variety and application of architectural metals
demand a certain mastery and meticulous
attention to detail to safeguard performance and
ensure design integrity.
Stuart Dean is among the world’s leading
minds in metal care and surface reengineering.
Our metallurgy disciplines bring an advanced
understanding of finishes and protectants to
projects, and our craftsmen employ the art
and science of metal repair, restoration and
maintenance to generate exceptional results in
copper, brass, bronze, stainless, aluminum,
nickel and chrome.
Stuart Dean provides:
Restoring and refinishing
– Time-honored
leadership in metal restoration, coloring
techniques, vertigris patina creation, finish and
protective coatings for copper, steel, chrome,
bronze, aluminum and alloys.
Research and development
- New and
advanced maintenance procedures for all
types of metal finishes, including satin, mirror,
oxidized, painted and anodized.
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