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Doors, pews, trim.
Weather on the outside, wear on the inside.
Stuart Dean restores, refinishes and protects wood
in virtually every environment.
From old-growth to veneer, our craftsmen bring a
unique understanding and sensibility to wood care,
and our proprietary methods have continued to
stand the test of time by saving money, avoiding
replacement and preserving heritage across
work consists of addressing
scratches on an otherwise pristine area of
wood. After removing contaminants such as
wax or oil, scratches are filled with a soft wood
fill, color-blended to match, and a matching
finish is applied over the treated wood surface.
wood is a technique used
when the original finish is intact, but the surface
of the wood has accumulated dirt, wax and
contaminants, giving its finish a deteriorated
appearance. The process involves cleaning all
surfaces, toning in light areas, applying two
coats of premium-grade finish, and sanding
between each coat.
wood involves stripping all surface
coatings and stain. Damaged areas are repaired
with an epoxy or soft wood fill, sanded, stained
and sealed. Afterwards, the area is sand-sealed
with fine abrasive sandpaper and two coats of a
protective top coat.
Character. Tradition.
Walls, floors,
columns, stairs.
Solvents and polishes cannot make stone gleam.
The reflection of light from an immaculately
smooth surface is what shines so brilliantly.
From terrazzo, limestone and travertine, to marble
and granite, the smoother the stone, the more
brilliantly it reflects when cared for properly.
Stuart Dean’s stone technicians are among the
best-trained and equipped in the industry.
No matter the challenge – weather, graffiti and
vandalism, everyday wear – our expertise results
in restoration that saves time and money.
is the process of protecting and
stabilizing the materials, form and integrity of
a historic place or individual component.
makes possible the compatible
contemporary use of a historic place or an
individual component through repair, alterations,
and/ or additions, while protecting its heritage.
accurately reveals or recovers
the state of a historic place or of an individual
component, as it appeared at a particular
period in its history.
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