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Facades, trim,
Exceptional skill. Proven, time-tested methods.
And meticulous attention-to-detail.
Stuart Dean eliminates wear and tear damage,
removes scratches, repairs finishes from misuse
or vandalism, and restores architectural metals to
their original luster.
Stuart Dean provides maintenance and restoration
for all types of metal finishes, including satin,
mirror, oxidized, patina, and non-directional
finishes; in copper, brass, bronze, stainless,
aluminum, nickel and chrome.
Windows, doors,
Stuart Dean does windows. And much, much more.
Our international reputation for the finest glass
care comes from global investments in the leading
equipment, standards, training, relationships,
research, and continued development necessary
to provide world-class glass restoration and
Our process uses specifically-designed equipment
and the highly specialized skills of trained
professionals to safeguard your investment,
prevent damage and, where necessary, provide
repair solutions that save you money.
Convenient. Modern.
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