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Urban Surface Protection
Stuart Dean’s advanced surface protection products shield concrete and natural
stone from staining and deterioration caused by environmental contamination from
the elements, as well as common problems like discarded chewing gum and graffiti.
Graffiti &
Our highly trained stone craftsmen are skilled in
the restoration of stone damaged by environmental
contamination, as well as graffiti and vandalism.
By combining time-tested methods with advanced
cleansers and treatments, Stuart Dean’s stone
restoration professionals have developed
proprietary methods for creating effective
maintenance solutions.
Discarded chewing gum is more easily removed
from sidewalks treated with low to no VOC
APP Surface Guard, and clear, penetrating
Graffiti Guard™ repels solvents and pigments
to protect walls from staining due to spray paint
and permanent markers. Non-penetrating APP-S
requires only hot water to wash away graffiti.
Our treatment solutions allow for easier and
greener means of graffiti removal
Our systems cater to sensitive, fragile and
irreplaceable architectural appointments,
from concrete to limestone and beyond
Environmentally beneficial low to no VOC
protective treatments
Customized application of refinishing methods
and materials
Widest array of specialty restoration products
in the industry
Nationwide quality, efficiency and safety
Cleaning &
After treatment application, soil and stains are
repelled and have difficulty penetrating the substrate.
Even heavy rainfall can help keep surfaces cleaner.
Also, by avoiding harsh abrasive and chemical
cleaning methods and reducing the water required
for cleaning, our clients gain measurable cost and
environmental savings.
We help protect capital investments and reduce
cost of ownership through less water and chemical
usage and less labor.
Cleaning costs can be reduced by up to 80%.
Our custom treatments can retain their protective
properties for up to five years, delivering substantial
cost savings on cleaning, materials and maintenance.
Surface treatments applied by Stuart Dean retain
surface friction, so existing nonslip properties
will remain and there is no change in the look of
the surface.
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